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domestic markets were mixed unsaturated resin finishing a narrow range-凯发娱乐注册

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domestic markets were mixed unsaturated resin finishing a narrow range

author:dongying city wins lin chemical    time:2014-4-27 17:21:11   belong:公司新闻   views:

  domestic market stalemate unsaturated resin finishing, take the goods still atmosphere lukewarm , tepid . day to discuss the focus of the market were mixed , the overall trend showed a narrow range , sporadic short-term offer high-end, but the transaction is blocked, mostly small single shipment , offer lower -end conflict , the mainstream transaction slightly stalemate , to discuss the current market performance is not first, the raw materials were mixed, can not effectively support the market cost , east china offer temptation to push up the venue , but the downstream offer high resistance against darker ( high turnover of sporadic small single, finishing mainstream firm based ) , north area to buy gas shortage , low overall operating manufacturers (downstream follow-up is slow, industry suixingjiushi take the goods ) , better trading environment in southern china , manufacturers reluctant to sell low-cost areas ( steady turnover rose slightly ) , the upcoming round of destocking process in the past , but constrained by supply factors, saturation , short-term upward overall essence appears difficult , quarter gdp grew 7.4% in domestic , smooth start to the national economy , although economic growth has slowed, but still in a reasonable range , quality and efficiency the results initially appeared , new sustainable structure being formed.


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