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domestic demand improved resin handicraft exports increased general-凯发娱乐注册

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domestic demand improved resin handicraft exports increased general

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resin is a modeling capability, high performance fine degree , modeling materials, widely used in home decoration , gifts, garden series production in recent years , china's resin crafts enterprises to improve product development, design strength, take all measures , resin crafts enterprises generally reflect an increase in exports . recently, the unsaturated resin market as a whole needs south than the northern , northern region remained in the doldrums, the general willingness to accept the goods , shipping more slowly, manufacturers started low, about 4 percent overall maintained , warmer weather is expected in mid- april , demand will be better.


    domestic market still unsaturated resin material , somewhat support , upward fluctuations , run firmer . unsaturated resin materials have higher support prices , of course, different movements , overall preference, raw whole rebound, get favorable cost side support , admission enthusiasm is high, the market mentality is better, manufacturers started higher high load , reverse but also supporting materials , styrene prices upward , phthalic anhydride prices will remain , propylene glycol prices down , maleic anhydride price stability maintenance, diethylene glycol prices, prices slipped dicyclopentadiene , fumaric prices remained mainly unsaturated resin to maintain the late narrow range of finishing .


    according to research in jiangsu province transaction price 11,750 yuan / ton ; fujian transaction price of 11,800 yuan / ton ; hebei / tianjin transaction price of 12,000 yuan / ton ; transaction price of 11,850 yuan in southern china / ton. maleic anhydride : east transaction price 10400 ~ 10500 yuan / ton ; north china transaction price 10,100 yuan / ton ; south china transaction price 10300 ~ 10400 yuan / ton. pa : east quotes 9200 ~ 9300 yuan / ton ; north china price 9200 ~ 9300 yuan / ton; south china 9300 ~ 9400 yuan quote / ton. east china transaction price glycol 6800 ~ 6850 yuan / ton ; transaction price in south china 7100 ~ 7150 yuan / ton . diethylene glycol : east transaction price 8950 ~ 9000 yuan / ton ; south china 9300 ~ 9350 yuan traded price / ton, up 100 yuan / ton.


    over the years , the main goal resin crafts industry exports, according to statistics , the northern united states and europe china resin crafts major overseas markets. among them, the united states accounted for more than 43 %, which is china's largest export resin crafts , hong kong, germany , the uk, norway and other countries.


    resin crafts resin crafts industry mainly from the first twentieth century originated in europe , the main producing areas in italy . the industry is labor-intensive industries out of the need to reduce labor costs , the industry's first move to europe , japan , and then transferred to taiwan . china's reform and opening-up policy in the industry is the taiwanese to guangdong, fujian and further transfer to . at present , guangdong, fujian , zhejiang and other places gathered resin handicraft production and export enterprises. according to reports, only fujian province, resin crafts, gifts , accounted for 1/3 of the world.


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