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rubber antioxidant 4010na-凯发娱乐注册

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rubber antioxidant 4010na

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 cas registry number : [ 101-72-4 ]

formula : c15h18n2

molecular weight : 226.31

        main features: pure white crystalline , relative density 1.14 , melting point of 80.5 ℃. soluble oils , acetone , benzene , carbon tetrachloride , carbon disulfide and ethanol , insoluble in gasoline , insoluble in water , exposed to air and sunlight will change .

      use features : this product is contaminated antioxidants , amine antioxidant is in excellent performance universal antioxidant, has excellent antioxidant, anti- ozone , anti- flexing cracking , cracking and drying suppress japanese copper and manganese harmful effects of metal ions. mainly used for natural rubber and synthetic rubber , dispersion, and had no effect on curing . the amount in the two copies of the following non-blooming , used alone already has a good protective effect , but also with rd, ble, aw and microcrystalline wax and use . can be used in tires and other rubber products. natural rubber used in 2.5 to 3.0 parts of the sbr using the following four parts , will not produce blooming , but also as polyethylene, polypropylene , acrylic resin, the thermal oxidation stabilizer.

packaging and storage: the product is good storage stability . plastic bags lined with plastic , skin irritation , or allergic , easy migration , which affects the appearance of products , water and solvent extraction effects worse than 4020 .

note: this product is polluting , not for light-colored products. in plastic bag , net weight 25kg / bag, stored in a cool dry place , storage and transportation of fire sunscreen .



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