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china rubber antioxidant breakthrough development of new international technology blockade-凯发娱乐注册

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china rubber antioxidant breakthrough development of new international technology blockade

author:dongying city wins lin chemical    time:2014-4-27 17:13:24   belong:公司新闻   views:

 reporter learned from qingdao university of science and technology , the school production of rubber antioxidant 4020 after the completion of the new technology in key test certificate, compared with the existing technology significantly reduces the cost of production , to achieve zero discharge of wastewater , simplifying the process, plant investment reduce by 1/ 3.

tires and other rubber products will appear in the course of cracking , white, physical and mechanical properties of the decline , these phenomena collectively referred to as " aging ." in order to manufacture durable rubber products , it is necessary to add in the rubber compound can inhibit the aging of the above phenomenon , these substances referred to as antioxidants .

4020 is an important antioxidant antioxidant tires must be added , and the antioxidant product quality and safety plays a vital role in the life of the tires and the tire. at present, china antioxidant production in 4020 of high energy consumption , poor quality, high investment , sewage and other shortcomings . but the high technical content and foreign technology blockade, resulting in large-scale production of devices that currently there is no technology.

qingdao university of science professor ding cmc team through in-depth study and solve the control and side effects of catalyst recycling , recycling, energy cascade utilization and other issues, and condensation catalyst consumption is reduced to the original 20% , reducing the amount of impurities generated by 50 % reduce energy consumption by 40% of the original , and the original efflux of toxic waste to use all the back pay systems. compared with the original technology significantly reduces the cost and achieve zero discharge of wastewater in the true sense . antioxidant production technology in 4020 , through the study of the mechanism of catalyst poisoning mechanism , developed a new multi-functional , highly selective hydrogenation catalyst , dramatically reducing the investment and energy consumption ; and the product content is stable at 99.5% more than 47 ℃ crystallization point , to the current level of quality of the world's best .

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