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zinc oxide form

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zinc oxide is a versatile new inorganic materials , the particle size of about 1 to 100 nanometers. since the fine grains of the surface electronic structure and crystal structure changes , resulting in a surface that does not have the effect of macroscopic objects , the volume effect , and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect size and high transparency, high dispersion characteristics. in recent years, found that it demonstrated in catalysis, optics, magnetism, mechanics and other many special features to make it in many areas ceramics, chemicals, electronics, optics , biology, medicine and other important value , not with ordinary zinc oxide comparison of specificity and purpose. nano-zinc oxide can be used in the textile field ultraviolet shielding material , an antibacterial agent , a fluorescent material , the photocatalytic material. due to a series of nano-zinc oxide excellent and very attractive prospect , it has become the focus of many research and development of nano-zinc oxide scientific and technical personnel concerned .


metal oxide powder such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide , aluminum oxide and magnesium oxide , etc. these nanoscale powder is formed , since the size of the particles equal to or more hours of light , due to the size effect causes the tape guide and increasing the spacing of the valence band , the light absorption was significantly enhanced. there are differences in the type of powders and the reflection efficiency of the light shielding . when the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide , when compared wavelength less than 350 nm (uvb), two shielding efficiency similar , but 350 ~ 400nm (uva) , the shielding efficiency of zinc oxide was higher than titanium dioxide. while zinc (n = 1.9) is less than the refractive index of the titania oxide (n = 2.6), the diffuse reflectance of light is low , high transparency of the fibers and textile dyeing beneficial .

nano zinc oxide can also be used for the infrared-reflective material away fibers , commonly known as the far -infrared ceramic powder. and this is a far-infrared reflectance functional fiber by absorbing heat emitted by the human body , and again some human radiation far-infrared wavelength range , in addition to subcutaneous tissue in the body can increase blood flow , promote blood circulation , but also obscured infrared, reduce heat loss , therefore the fiber than the average fiber thermal insulation .

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