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preparation of zno nanoparticles-凯发娱乐注册

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preparation of zno nanoparticles

author:dongying city wins lin chemical    time:2014-4-27 17:11:38   belong:行业新闻   views:

 preparation of zinc oxide into three categories : the direct method ( also known as the usa and france ) , the indirect method ( also known as the french law ) and wet chemical method. many commercially available zinc oxide are mostly direct or indirect products micron particle size is smaller than the surface area of these properties greatly restricted their applications and their performance in the products. i am using a wet chemical method (npp- law ) preparation of nanometer superfine active zinc oxide, zinc variety of materials can be used as raw material , the use of acid leaching of zinc leaching , after several purification to remove impurities in raw materials , and then precipitate to obtain basic zinc carbonate , and finally baked solution obtained nano-zinc oxide . compared with the conventional production of ultrafine zinc oxide nano- technology , this new process has the following technical innovation :

1 reaction dynamics under equilibrium conditions combined with enhanced heat transfer technology , the rapid completion of the baking basic zinc carbonate solution .

2 by adjusting the process parameters, can be prepared in different purity , particle size , and color of the various types of nano-zinc oxide products.

3 this process can use a variety of materials for the zinc raw material, converting it into a high value-added products .

4 typical green chemical process , are environmentally friendly process.


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