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characterization and modification of nano-凯发娱乐注册

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characterization and modification of nano-zinc oxide

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salient features of nanoscale zinc oxide nano- particles that product , but also has the dual characteristics of nano- materials and traditional zinc oxide . compared with conventional zinc oxide product, the large surface area , high chemical activity , product fineness , chemical purity and particle shape can be adjusted according to need , and preferably has a photochemical effect and ultraviolet light shielding properties, the ultraviolet shielding rate of 98 % ; same time, it also has antibacterial , anti- cured flavor enzymes and a series of unique properties.

analysis center of tsinghua by tem analysis of the product , nano zinc oxide particles are spherical , the particle size distribution, the average particle diameter of 20 to 30 nm , the particle size of all the particles are less than 50 nanometers . by surface area and pore size analyzer test , bet specific surface area of ​​nano-zinc oxide powder at 35 m / g. in addition, by adjusting system parameters , but also can produce rod-like nano-zinc oxide . this product is identified by the institute of microbiological testing results show that in a rich bacterial culture medium , adding 0.5 % to 1 % of the oxide, which can effectively inhibit the growth of e. coli , antibacterial rate of 99.9 %.

surface modification

since the nano-zno has a large surface area and specific surface area can be large and other characteristics, their easy reunion ; hand, polar nano-zinc oxide surface , in an organic medium is not easy to uniformly disperse , which greatly limits its nano- effect play . therefore, the dispersion of nano-zinc oxide powders and surface modification becomes necessary processing means before the application of nanomaterials in the matrix .

zinc oxide surface area of research and related data in the report , only the use of the results of the bet method detected is real and reliable , worked out at home and abroad because of the specific surface area measurement standards are based on bet testing methods , refer to (gb . t 19587-2004) - solid material than the method of gas adsorption bet surface area measurement principle . a dedicated tester surface area than the surface area of ​​the test , the more mature domestic dynamic nitrogen adsorption.

the so-called nano-dispersion refers to the use of various principles , methods and means of aggregates in a particular liquid medium ( water ) , the dried nano- particles having various shapes , and to restore the stability of the primary particles uniformly distributed in the medium technology. surface modification of nano powder is in nanotechnology expansion and extension on the basis of decentralized , that is needed on the application, in the dispersed nanoparticles coated with a suitable material to make a film or nano-particles dispersed in some soluble solid phase carrier. dry surface- modified nano powder , adsorption , wetting, dispersing series will change the surface properties can generally be easily dispersed or automatically in a specific medium, and therefore easy to use. in general , the modified nanoparticles are three methods : a uniform coating layer on the other surface of the particles of the film material , thereby changing the surface properties of the particles ; 2 using the charge transfer complex body ( such as a silane , titanate . esters such as stearic acid and coupling , such as silicone ) as a surface modifier on the surface of the nanoparticles by chemical adsorption or chemical reaction ; 3 using a corona discharge , ultraviolet light , plasma, high- energy radiation means of nanoparticles modified .

according to the requirements of different applications, select an appropriate surface modifier or surface modification process for surface modification of nano-zinc oxide , to improve surface properties , increasing the compatibility between the nanoparticles and the substrate , and thus applied to each kinds of areas , improve product performance specifications .


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